Guilherme AZEVEDO

Professeur Associé

  • Département Etudes organisationnelles & Ethique

Domaines d'enseignement

Cross-cultural management

Social Innovation

Business Ethics

Emerging-markets strategy

Globalization studies

Business history

Domaines de recherche

Organizational nonsense and paradoxes

Globalization of cultures

Business history and cultural studies

Organizational ethnograpies

Sustainability, mobility, energy transition and socio-industrial design

History of racial relations and of inclusion

Culture organisationnelle
Stupidité organisationnelle
Société rééquilibrée
Histoire de l'entreprise
Management interculturel
Ethique professionnelle
Marchés émergents


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McGill University, Canada (2010)

MSc en Management
Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro, Brésil (2000)

BSc en Ingénierie Navale et Hydrodynamique
Universidade Federal do Rio deJaneiro, Brésil (1996)

Prix et distinctions

  • Best paper awarded at the Gender & Diversity in Organizations division of the 47th ASAC Annual Conference , 2019
  • Best conference paper awarded at the 7th SEE Conference , 2018
  • Best paper awarded at the Business History division of the 45th ASAC Annual Conference , 2017
  • Awarded the "Prix de l'innovation pedagogique 2016" at Audencia , 2016