Jennifer GOODMAN

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  • Département Etudes organisationnelles & Ethique

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Domaines de recherche

Innovation for Systems Impact

Deliberative Governance

Shareholder Democracy and Activism

Sustainability Pedagogy and Heutagogy


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PhD en Sciences de Gestion
ESADE Business School, Espagne (2015)

Master of Research - Management Sciences
ESADE Business School, Espagne (2011)

Master in Business Administration
Warwick Business School, Royaume Uni (2010)

BA (Hons) International Business with French
Plymouth Business School, Royaume Uni (1999)

Diplôme de Commerce International
EPSCI - Groupe ESSEC, France (1998)

Prix et distinctions

  • Finalist PRME Faculty Recognition Award for Excellence in SDG Integration , 2022
  • Best Paper Award, Conférence Internationale de Gouvernance , 2022
  • Winner of Business Ethics Quarterly Outstanding Article Award for 2020 , 2021
  • Erasmus+ Funding for EULab "Equipping Active Citizenship Toward Regenerative Futures Using A Heutagogical Blended Exchange Model" , 2021
  • Finalist Business Ethics Quarterly Best Article Award 2015 , 2016
  • Travel Grant to the Academy of Management Conference , 2016
  • Best Paper Procedings SIM Division , 2014
  • Mobility Grant for Visting Research Position at Carleton University , 2013