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PhD in Business Relationships
de Montfort University, Royaume Uni (2006)

Master of Business Administration with Distinction
de Montfort University, Royaume Uni (1999)

Diploma of Engineering in Organisation and Management with Distinction
St Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, Russie (1997)

Prix et distinctions

  • Top Peer Reviewer for Economics and Management , 2019
  • Best Reviewer Award 2019 - IJEBR , 2019
  • Best Qualitative Paper Award at Diana Conference , 2019
  • Emerald Literati Award for Highly Commended paper , 2018
  • Best Knowledge and Research Exchange Paper , 2016
  • Best paper in “Entrepreneurship in Minority Groups” Track , 2016
  • Best paper in “Family and Community Business” Track , 2015