Xinrui DUAN

Professeur Assistant

  • Département Finance

Domaines de recherche

Empirical Asset Pricing

Behavioral Finance




ZHU, Z., DUAN, X., Tu, J. (2019) . Relative Strength over Investment Horizons and Stock Returns, Journal of Portfolio Management, 46 (1), 91-105

ZHU, Z., DUAN, X., TU, J. (2019) . The Trend in Short Selling and the Cross Section of Stock Returns, Annals of Economics and Finance, 20 (2), 565-586

ZHU, Z., DUAN, X., Sun, L., Tu, J. (2019) . Momentum and reversal: The role of short selling, Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, 104 (July 2019), 95-110


PhD in Finance
Singapore Management University, Singapour (2019)

M.S in Statistics
National University of Singapore, Singapour (2010)

B.S. in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics
University of Science and Technology of China, Chine (RPC) (2009)