Yang SHI

Professeur Assistant

  • Département Marketing

Domaines de recherche

Empirical modeling of consumer decision making


Consumer viewing and purchase behavior on media

Data mining

Structural models



SHI, Y., JUN, B., ZHAO, Y. (2023) . How Much does Ad Sequence Matter?: Economic Implication of Consumer Zapping and Zapping-induced Externality in Television Advertising Market, Journal of Advertising, 52 (2), 229-246


Song, L., SHI, Y., Tso, G. (2022) . Commercial audience retention of television programs: measurement and prediction, International Journal of Advertising, 41 (3), 435-461


Song, L., SHI, Y., Tso, G., Lo, H. (2021) . Forecasting week-to-week television ratings using reduced-form and structural dynamic models, International Journal of Forecasting, 37 (1), 302-321


MAN CHING KWAN, C., DANG, C., SHI, Y. (2020) . Picture Or Text Superiority? the Two Forces of Element Size on Communication Effectiveness, Advances in Consumer Research, 48 (2020), 414-417


SHI, Y., Zhao, Y. (2019) . Modeling Advertisers' Willingness to Pay in TV Commercial Slot Auctions, Journal of Interactive Marketing, 48 (November 2019), 120-133

SHI, Y., WANG, T. (2019) . Genuine Liking or the Need for Closure? The Differential Effects of Consumers’ TV Drama Viewing Motivations on Commercial Viewership, Journal of Media Economics, 32 (3-4), 57-81


PhD in Marketing
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Chine (RPC) (2015)

BS in Management Information System
Xiamen University, Chine (RPC) (2009)